Welcome to the College of Remote and Offshore Medicine Foundation, a not-for-profit higher education institution based in Malta. The College was founded in 2016 and is governed by a voluntary board consisting of medical professionals and researchers from across the globe. The College’s guiding principle and mission is to provide higher education programmes responsive to the needs of Remote & Austere healthcare professionals. Our faculty are experts in their field and will give you the skills and knowledge to work at every level in the healthcare industry.


The mission of the College is to achieve excellence in online education and graduate research, responsive to the needs of Remote & Austere healthcare professionals worldwide. The College aims to be the leading provider of remote & offshore medicine education programmes nationally and internationally


The College is dedicated to the improvement of medical education and the practice of healthcare in difficult and resource-poor environments. The College will enhance students experiences by:

  • fostering innovation in online healthcare education, extending educational and professional development opportunities to students and practitioners through our international partnerships
  • providing opportunities for professional development to students to achieve their career aspirations
  • supporting, graduate and doctoral research
  • working with other institutions and partners in the fulfillment of our mission

Core Values

To achieve the mission, College faculty and staff, practice the following core values.

  • Academic excellence and Student Success – We provide challenging and rigorous learning experiences that support the academic and personal success of our students.
  • Teamwork and Inclusion – We encourage faculty, students and staff to participate in  our shared commitment to provide exceptional learning experiences.
  • Global Perspective & Diversity – We honor and respect the different backgrounds, experiences, languages, values and cultures of our faculty students and stakeholders.