Award in Tropical and Expedition Medicine

Award in Tropical and Expedition Medicine

The Malta Further and Higher Education Authority accredit this course. 

The online TEM award is designed for healthcare professionals working in remote, austere and resource-limited environments where they will need advanced skills focusing on the assessment and treatment of tropical diseases. Additionally, this course covers expedition medicine for medics who will be joining an expedition and will need skills and learning to provide medical care on these deployments.

If you work or spend time in austere environments where access to medical care is often delayed, and communication is unreliable, this programme is for you!

Tuition: €350

Mode of Learning: Online

University Credits: 5 ECTS

Time to complete this module: 4-26 weeks

Course Content

All lectures are online and asynchronous. You can watch them on your own time. If you would like a hands-on course teaching tropical and expedition medicine, take a look at our TTEMS course.

Introduction to Tropical and Expedition Medicine
Setting up a Remote Clinic
Intro to CoROM’s Patient Assessment
Prehospital Patient Assessment
Expedition Communications
Expedition Medical Planning
Medical Intelligence Assessment
Water Procurement and Field Purification
Disaster Response
Travel Security

Expedition Primary Care
Dentistry – Diagnosis and Medical Management
Austere Burns
Austere Wounds
Remote Orthopaedics

Expedition Medicine
Altitude Medicine
Dive Medicine
Dangerous Marine life
Venomous Snakes & Arthropods
Antibiotics for Expeditions
ABX case studies
Mental Health
Clinical Field Laboratory
Environmental Emergencies

Tropical Medicine
Intro to Tropical Medicine
Top 5 Killers
Tropical Pharmacology
Parasites & Protozoal Infections in Travellers

Prolonged Field Care
PFC with Dr Sean Keenan
PFC Nursing Care
Improvised Medicine
Traditional Medicine

Austere Critical Care
Austere Critical Care Introduction
Assessment of the Critical Casualty
Noninvasive Haemodynamic Monitoring

Course Details

Programme Name: Award in Tropical and Expedition Medicine
Accreditation: Malta Further and Higher Education Authority
MQF/EQF Level: 7
Credits: 5 ECTS
Qualification or Award: Award
Programme duration: 6-26 weeks part-time
Target Audience: 22-65+
Target Group: Healthcare professionals with a Level 5 MQF degree or higher
Language of instruction: English
Delivery Address: Online
Mode of delivery: Blended, part-time
Hours of Total Learning: 125
Total contact hours: 25, of which 100% are delivered online
Supervised practice & placement hours: 0
Self Study hours: 99
Assessment hours: 1
Tuition Fees: €350
Next intake: 1st of every month.  



TEM700: Tropical and Expedition Medicine

Compulsory – Online

The module covers broad aspects of tropical medicine, including the assessment, treatment and prevention of tropical diseases. The module covers expedition medicine and assessing and treating medical emergencies found during expeditions.

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