CoROM Clinical Corner

CoROM Clinical Corner

Earn free CPD points by attending this seminar.

Current Members of the College can earn one hour of CPD by attending this live seminar. You can learn about becoming a Member of the College here.

Dr Edit Gara MD PhD

The College will offer free seminars on the First Friday of every month. Dr Edit Gara MD PhD will offer an hour-long discussion on various medical topics. Here is a list of topics that she will cover over the coming months.

1 October  Pulmonary Embolism: Clinical presentations in PE, signs of PE on an ECG, acute management and anticoagulation

5 November Sudden Cardiac Death: A case of a marathon runner, different types of SCD, acute management and ICD troubleshooting

3 December Covid Myocarditis: Presentation of myocarditis, discussion of ECMO and different types of ECMO

7 January Postpartum cardiomyopathy: Types of cardiomyopathies, post-partum presentation, cardiac emergencies and thromboembolic events

How do I join the seminar?

Send an email to and let them know that you want to attend.