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The College publishes a new podcast each Friday. Four CoROM faculty members will be creating new podcasts once a month.

Dr Winston de Mello is a COL(ret) anaesthetist focusing on burns and pain. He leads discussions on our MSc Austere Critical Care programme and is one of the Founders of the College.

Dr Edit Gara MD PhD is a cardiologist with prehospital experience. She will discuss cardiology and critical care. She is the programme lead for our MSc Austere Critical Care and a mentor in our BSc Remote Paramedic Practitioner programme.

Tim Cranton is an HCPC paramedic, an offshore medic and a Tropical Nurse working on an oil rig in the North Sea. He has also deployed to Ukraine and other exciting locations. He will be discussing remote and austere medicine from a paramedic perspective.

Aebhric O’Kelly is a former Green Beret and a critical care paramedic. He created the College and is a founder. He will be interviewing various movers and shakers of the austere medical community.

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