RPP101: Remote Emergency Medical Technician


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Welcome to your Remote Emergency Medical Technician course. This course is the preparation course for the Remote EMT classroom training. You must pass this course before you will be invited to the six days of skills training that will lead to your REMT certification.

This 250-hour Remote EMT certification module, consists of three parts:

  •    Part I: This 60-hour online preparation course.
  •    Part II: Six days of classroom training and skills testing.
  •    Part III: 24 hours of clinical observation. We can provide this for you or you can arrange your own clinical placement close to your home.

Once you have passed all three parts, we will issue you with your Remote EMT certificate and you are welcome to register with the Malta Registry of Paramedics as an EMT.


In order to pass this preparation course for the Remote EMT course you must:


Additional learning content:

  • You can review the additional content found after the Core Learning Module.
  • There are 39 chapters with lessons from the EMT textbook that will give you more information and learning about the role and skills of the Remote EMT. There are PowerPoint lessons, videos and a quiz for each chapter.
  • These additional modules are not mandatory learning but will definitely help you to become a better medical professional.
  • Use the end of module quizzes to check your learning and see if you have learned the content.
  • This content is not graded by our tutors. This is here for your self-guided learning.
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