Deferral – undergraduate

Deferral - Undergraduate

The BSc program has some inherent time challenges. Time management to complete the course material is accomplished by the dedicated student, however circumstances sometimes may dictate a delay in studies. Because of the scheduling of RRP104 in Year 1 and Adv TTEMS in Year 2, which are generally available at a fixed time each year, this may extend the pace of certain modules. During a three year programme like the BSc, you may defer for a total of 365 days, and you may choose to take this deferment time in several “chunks”. There are no payment installments due, during the deferral period you decide on. Please consider the 365 day limitation when electing to request a deferral.
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For the Bachelor of Science Remote Paramedic Practice, the maximum number of all periods of deferral combined is 365.

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