CoROM student email addresses

The CoROM student email address (… assigned to each of you was supposed to become the main contact address for each student in the diploma programme. – As soon as we could be sure that all students had access to it and/or had their mail clients or email forwarders correctly configured.

Ascertaining that everyone has the right set-up has turned out to be quite a logistical problem. Most of this cohort did respond to enquiries (thank you!) but not all, and the process is taking too long. We have decided that these CoROM email addresses add a layer of complexity that is not useful.

Therefore, the CoROM team is going to contact you from now on exclusively via the email address that you used when you first signed up for the programme.

Your personal CoROM email address will still be available to you. It can be a useful tool for obtaining discounts and membership from third-parties. (link)