RPP201 Foundations in Tropical Medicine

Welcome to the module where we have put together curriculum specifically designed for medical professional working in prehospital, A&E departments and remote clinics.

The course consists of self-guided learning based on the Tropical Medicine Notebook (ISBN 0198737777). You can purchase a copy if you would like a physical textbook. Here is the Amazon linkThere are also options to download this textbook in PDF format. Here is the link for that.

Over the next few months, you will use the lectures on PDF, the textbook, flashcards, videos and audio lectures that can help you to learn about the fundamentals of tropical medicine as it relates to the remote healthcare professional. All of the content can be downloaded for offline study.

Once you have a fundamental understanding of the curriculum, you can start your patient assessments with Jason Jarvis, who will grade them and give you feedback on your knowledge of tropical medicine as applied to healthcare scenarios.

The final course exam will be taken during the classroom training. The final exam is 100 questions and is multiple choice. You must receive 80% in order to pass this module.

                                                                               Jason Jarvis, Course Director