RPL Policy

CoROM Recognition of Past Learning


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a generic term for the process by which Higher Education institutions recognise and, where appropriate, award credit for learning that has taken place before entry into a programme of study.
Through RPL, the College considers the range of prior educational experiences of the diverse student body and encourages more comprehensive access to its programmes of study.
This policy describes how prior learning can be recognised to allow exemption from specific modules found in our undergraduate programme or to allow direct entry into the second year of a three-year undergraduate programme. The prior learning must be at the same MQF level as the College programme for which the student is applying/undertaking.

RPL policy
RPL Application
RPL Flowchart

Here is a slide deck that will give you more information about what you may be able to RPL.

How to apply for RPL

  1. Send an email to education@corom.edu.mt and let them know you want to apply for RPL.
  2. An advisor will discuss your claim and advise you on the best path forward.
  3. You will submit either an APL or a RAPEL claim and pay the €200 application fee.
  4. You submit a portfolio of evidence showing that you have met all of the learning outcomes found in the modules that you wish to RPL.
  5. The College Assessor will review your evidence and make a judgement on what modules if any, you are awarded as RPL.
  6. You will get a report on the outcomes and feedback from your application.
  7. These results will be forwarded to the CoROM Student Services and, along with your BSc Remote Paramedic Practice application, will be added to your student file.

Any questions can be sent to education@corom.edu.mt