Doctorate in Health Studies

This doctoral programme will prepare you to be a leader and advocate for best practice in healthcare by acquiring advanced skills to lead projects and deliver implementation strategies for effective operation in a 21st-century healthcare landscape fuelled by change, complexity and innovation. Through this program, you will seek to advance your practice through research, innovation, and leadership. By integrating your professional expertise with research-led enquiry, you will push your knowledge boundaries in your professional practice/discipline and contribute new knowledge to the field.

MSc Austere Critical Care

Austere Critical Care is the specialised and comprehensive care of acutely unwell casualties located in remote, austere and resource-limited environments whose conditions are life-threatening. This Masters programme will explore the assessment and management of critically unwell casualties and is designed for the experienced doctor, nurse or paramedic that will be working in intensive care medicine in remote or austere conditions.

The Master of Global Health Leadership & Practice programme is aimed at early to mid-level professionals anywhere in the world, locally, nationally, or internationally, who seek the skills to assume new or greater leadership roles in healthcare or related environments. Including non-profit and for-profit health care settings, NGOs, non-profit organizations, pharma, government agencies, ministries of health, foundations, as well as others working within the health field, including entrepreneurs and individuals working in non-traditional settings affecting the health of the public.

This programme is designed for healthcare professionals who would like to work in tropical countries and learn to assess and treat infectious diseases found in resource-limited environments.

The course aims to develop skills and knowledge required to understand, assess, treat and prevent diseases that are especially prevalent in tropical and developing countries where resources may be limited. This programme will prepare the healthcare professional for work in health clinics and District Hospitals in resource-limited countries in Africa, Southeast Asia and Central and South America.