Remote Emergency Medical Technician

The REMT course is designed for individuals requiring an EMT certification for work in remote and austere locations worldwide. Past students have been from the security, energy, international guides and academic industries. If you work or spend time in austere environments where access to medical care is often delayed and communication is unreliable, this six-day course is for you! The REMT and WFR are the industry standard for mountain leaders, professional guides, close protection team leaders, expeditions, and search and rescue team members.

Certifications: Remote EMT, BLS/CPR and an optional Tactical Responder.

The REMT course provides medical skills and didactic learning for those looking to work in austere, remote and resource poor environments.

Graduates of this programme can register with the Malta Registry of Paramedics as an EMT. More information can be found on the Registry website.

Graduates are invited to continue on with their medical training and start the Higher Diploma of Remote Practice Paramedic.

IBSC Tactical Responder

REMT graduates are allowed to sit the board certified Tactical Responder (TR-C) exam. The TR-C shows competency in casualty assessment, stabilisation, and evacuation in hostile and austere environments and a support to the paramedic role, as well as thorough familiarity with tactical principles, triage, and operational medicine. TR-C candidates are operators functioning within a team and commonly have a primary role as a security team member with a secondary medic role. Click on the logo on the right for more information.

There are three parts to this Remote EMT qualification:

Part 1: Online training

(60 hours)

The REMT programme starts with sixty hours of online eLearning based content. All lessons must be completed, all 40 online exams taken and the patient scenarios submitted to our tutors before you can be issued with a completion certificate.


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Part 2: Classroom training

(50 hours)

Once you have completed and passed the online training, you come to Malta for six days of extensive classroom experience. Most of the week is hands on with some lectures that will review the important topics learned during the online training.


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Part 3: Clinical training

(24 hours)

In order to earn your Remote EMT qualification, you must have 24 hours of hands on clinical experience. We can offer that in Malta following your class. Or you can choose to arrange something closer to home as long as you have prior approval from the Faculty.


The 24 hours of clinical placement experience can be arranged during the classroom training.

Once you register for the Part I: Online Remote EMT course, we will send you a free copy of our Field Guide.

REMT Course Content

  • 60 hours of online content
  • Basic Life Support for healthcare providers
  • Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Patient assessment using CABC
  • Catastrophic haemorrhage and tourniquets
  • Airway management including supraglottics
  • Breathing emergencies
  • Needle decompression and chest seals
  • Circulation emergencies
  • Shock, burns and crush injuries
  • Disability emergencies
  • Traction splints and pelvic binders
  • Environmental emergencies
  • Vital signs including BP and SPO2
  • ACLS for EMTs
  • Prolonged Field Care
  • Improvised medicine
  • Altitude emergencies
  • Intro to tropical medicine
  • Pharmacology and drugs management
  • Patient packaging and litters
  • Top 20 ailments seen in remote clinics
  • Extended live casualty scenario with hands on prolonged field care

Live Casualty Simulations

The REMT course includes hands on experience with live casualty scenarios with special effects makeup.

Prolonged Field Care

The College of Remote and Offshore Medicine incorporates PFC scenarios during this course. Delegates will be required to assess, manage and monitor their casualties for extended periods of time under resource poor environments.

REMT Course Details

  • Duration:  6 days
  • Online REMT: €350
  • 120-hour full REMT: €550
  • Both modules must be purchased separately
  • 6-day classroom training dates (pending COVID-19 updates on travel & restrictions):
    • 3-8 May – FULL
    • 26-31 July
  • Location: Malta


The Remote EMT is accredited for 5 ECTS college credits and transferable worldwide. EU transcripts can be purchased for this course for a fee of €350.

Learn from the best

All of our instructors are currently working as healthcare professionals. We have former Special Forces medics, Navy SEAL medics, Special Air Service medics as well as medical doctors with military and expedition experience.

We are passionate about training.​

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