Short Courses

Austere Emergency Care

The AEC is based on the Prolonged Field Care working group publications found here. This four-day course is taught at the ALS or BLS level. We currently teach this to the UN and other NGOs.

Remote Emergency Medical Technician

The REMT is a BLS-level qualification that does not require any previous medical knowledge. We start at the ground level and build from there.

Tropical Travel and Expedition Medical Skills

The TTEMS course is designed for medical providers working in resource-limited environments. We taught this to the NATO Special Operations Combat Medic programme in Pfullendorf, Germany. We have run this course in Asia, Africa, the US and Europe.

Intensive Care for Austere and Remote Environments

The ICARE is an ALS-level course that challenges the participants with treating critical patients whilst working in austere and resource-limited environments. There are sixteen scenarios, all prolonged care with injuries and medical conditions in austere environments. There are sixteen clinical skills sessions as well.

Austere and Prehospital Ultrasound

The APUS is a two-day course focusing on the use of POCUS whilst deployed in austere or prehospital environments. This course is approved by the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.